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We all know what the Frog says… but what does Ribbit really mean? In a the distant future we’re finally close to human-frog communication… 

How to play:

Entering the Ribbit Translation letters as they appear on screen will allow you to extend the frog tongue to catch flies (arrow keys). Think Typing of the Dead meets Snake.

This is my very first:

1) Time using Game Maker (Game Maker 2)

2) Itch Jam

3) Game I've put online.

Bonus Number goes Here)Plus I only managed a sum total of 2 1/2 hours putting it together -

...so it's lousy at the moment. I hope by putting it up on line now though I'll return to it later in the week for a postjam version that actually works!

Current release is "code only" as Game Maker license decided to fail on me at the last minute!


This game is currently unavailable

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